The Next Step for AYTM in China

The Next Step for AYTM in China

This week the AYTM team welcomes a new colleague, but this time it is in another part of the world. Since AYTM began in 2015 we have seen a steady interest from the Chinese market, and it is our firm belief that in order to maintain that interest and meet the demands, it is a market that requires special attention. Joining the team this week is Akmaral Aitbenova as Sales Manager for China.

 Akmaral is originally from Kazakhstan, but has spent the past eight years living in China. She has previously filled positions within sales and is well rounded in an international atmosphere, and has over the years obtained expert knowledge of the Chinese market. Her base will be the AYTM/GRAN LIVING trading office in Shanghai, but Akmaral will also be traveling extensively to cover the ground and build a solid customer base in some of China’s major cities and beyond.

“We believe that having a sales manager located in China will give us both a competitive edge and market insight, which is very hard to gain when you try to manage a market as complex as China from as far away as Denmark.” Says Lars Friis Nielsen, AYTM’s Sales Director.

Currently Akmaral is visiting our HQ in Aarhus, Denmark, so she can get to know our team and get a thorough introduction to our designs and the brand’s DNA.

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