Press release AW18 Launch

COLOUR IS LIFE                          

Each season the colours of nature change and as we enter into the autumn and winter of 2018 we will begin to notice green turning brown, red or yellow and the ground may even turn to snow white. Every change brings beauty and an awareness that something new is coming. With every season comes a sense of making changes in the home as well.

“It is always exciting for us to present a new collection and we wait with great anticipation to hear people’s response… This season our focus has been on bringing a broad selection of designs in both the accessory and the furniture categories. The key words are colour, organic shapes, surprising mixes and fresh looks. Along with the new designs we have added new colour to known designs and sparked new life to the AYTM universe for autumn/winter 2018. “Kathrine Gran Hartvigsen, Creative Director.

Introducing new colours, new fabrics or new shapes are all a way to make the home suit our mood and the time of year. With each collection we bring you designs that inspires you to make those changes. For autumn/winter 2018 we have emphasized on bringing you new colours that encourages individual style. The new designs will also give you plenty of inspiring options to easily re-vamp an entire room. The focus on organic, simple shapes are a part of AYTM’s signature in design and means all pieces of our collection can suit your personal style and the look you wish to create.

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