AYTM rugs get the GoodWeave label

All AYTM rugs get the GoodWeave label

This year AYTM have reached a milestone in the company’s work with CSR. To enhance our strategy and our aim for a more sustainable future, we are proud to announce that our rugs are now certified with the GoodWeave label. The CONTRA rugs are the first AYTM rugs to become GoodWeave certified and soon also our iconic STILLA rugs will be certified.

GoodWeave International is a worldwide nonprofit organization who aims to improve the conditions for the workers in the carpet industry. The GoodWeave label guarantees that no child- or forced labour is used in the making of a GoodWeave certified rug and that companies certified with the label supports programs that educate children and ensure decent work for adults.

GoodWeave makes regular, unannounced inspections of all production facilities to verify compliance with their standards. Additionally, each GoodWeave label has a unique code that can be traced back to the licensed producer, to ensure that the certified GoodWeave products are made under fair social and economic conditions.

Reaching the GoodWeave certification is an important step for AYTM. GRAN LIVING and AYTMs CSR Responsible Stinna Kristensen explains:

"That we can now offer GoodWeave certified rugs to our customers is amazing and we are very proud to finally announce this! Knowing that our rugs are produced under good and controlled conditions and that our support to GoodWeave helps to ensure a better and safer future for exposed children and for the workers in the carpet industry means that our customers can buy our rugs in good conscience!"

Learn more about GoodWeave here

You can also read the GoodWeave interview with the Creative Director of AYTM and GRAN LIVING, Kathrine Gran Hartvigsen, here: Goodweave Interwiew

For further information please contact:
Stinna Kristensen, CSR Responsible
Tel. Direct: +45 3693 7837
Email: skk@aytm.dk