AYTM collection

The intention of the AYTM collections is to inspire people to dare more through the more expressive approach to Nordic design.  The collection has been created with focus on contrasts of materials and surfaces.  The idiom is simple, and the colors are balanced and soft.  The collection focuses on high quality and exquisite details for an exclusive feeling.

AYTM’s universe of home interior is primarily designed for the dining room, living room and kitchen, but the range will be expanded to the other rooms of the home in the coming collections. AYTM will twice a year be supplemented with new designs.

We wanted every single piece to be unique and eye catching, but it has also been important that all the products together looks as a collection and creates a spectacular atmosphere. We have worked with smaller collections in the collection due to material, colour and shape.


Are you unsure how to pronounce AYTM? 

It's actually quite simple.
AYTM is pronounced just like the word "item"

Our world of colour

Colour is at the essence of style and design, and it is at the heart of inspiration and creativity. The Nordic design tradition is well known for its use of natural materials and brave choices in colours. For AYTM we boldly carry on that tradition. However, our understanding and use of colour spans wide and our colour pallet is very deep, but kept stringent by pursuing colours for each collection or series that keep the same tone be it dark or light.

Our mix of colours will always be interesting, it will always make heads turn, and it will always play with the ideas of tradition and surprise. AYTM’s collections are a colourful experience and we love the opportunity that colours give us to show a material in a new and exciting way. We mix not only colour, but also the way colour is displayed. This happens when we use surfaces and materials that make a certain colour stand out in different ways. A matte or shiny surface may give a colour new life and that is the essence of AYTM. 

Warm tones appear in each collection with great depth and in very vivid colours. The mix of colours may not be obvious, but it will be interesting, vivid, elegant, and underline what has become a signature style for AYTM.


Both the cool and warm colours of the AYTM collections are elegantly mixed with other materials. The cool of a grey, blue or green colour is beautifully accentuated with brass details, mixed with steel and used in marble and a wide variety of textiles.

Tota vase and bowl

The AYTM collection is full of beautiful glass products. From sculptural vases in glass and brass, small jars for special things to keep and to more functional vases for the everyday bouquet.

Many things combined with brass for an exclusive and decadent look. The glass products are decorative and reflects the light beautiful.  Several of the glass items have more functions that combines vase and lantern as well as bowl and vase.

The shape and colours can vary a bit due to the handmade production.

. NEW . 

Curva magazine holder

Frustum candle holders

Marble presented in three beautiful colours

Motus  - A basic beauty ...